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Our week couldn’t start better than that – today’s “Diva Focus” features none other than our very own Natalya! Nattie’s first set after being drafted to the blue brand of the WWE definitely doesn’t disappoint. She looks gorgeous – the curly hair (we’d love to see it more often, Miss Neidhart!) to the dress and even the location of the shoot. All in all it’s just perfect and one of my favourite shoots. Winning!

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New images has updated its Smackdown subpage with new images of the superstars! Two brand new studio images of Nattie have been added. Check them out in our gallery!

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A big group of Diva’s are shown talking to each other in the back, falling silent when Layla walks in. Layla says she knows they don’t like her, but this might be her last night. She wants to apologize to everyone if she’s ever done anything. Beth Phoenix says she’s right about them not liking her, but Kelly Kelly says they like McCool a whole lot less. Layla walks away and the Diva’s go right back to their conversations. Cole is shown setting up in his Cole Mine, and WWE did indeed show their hand on that one.

No Count-Out, No Disqualification Loser Leaves WWE Match – Michelle McCool vs. Layla

Winner: Layla (Michelle McCool is forced to leave WWE.)

Kharma makes her way out to the ring, and she’s got some new ring gear for her big debut. She’s got a steely look on her face as she slowly makes her way to the ring. Kharma makes her way up to the ring apron and McCool begins to beg. Kharma finally makes her way into a WWE ring for the first time. McCool tries to escape, but Kharma grabs her, and plants her with whatever the WWE is going to call the implant buster. Kharma laughs maniacally before stopping abruptly. The Diva’s locker room is shown looking on in stunned silence.

WWE Magazine Summer 2011‏ Scans

A special thanks to James for taking the time to scan us Nattie’s pages from the new WWE Magazine! One word: wow! Now that is definitely one hell of a suprise. The spotlight’s all on our girl!! Providing us with gorgeous new pictures the WWE Magazine also discussed what’s in stores for Natalya. Could the Hart Dynasty reunite? Or she could just kick their butts. Anyway – 4 gorgeous scans have been added. Make sure to check them out!

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